• 0V to 400kV
  • Instrumentation & control-systems
  • Low & high voltage
  • General electrical installations
  • Electric and communications networks
  • Physical protections
  • New build and renewal projects:
  • Design and engineering
  • Qualification of equipment for seismic and radioactive requirements
  • Supplies
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Design and qualification of NDT systems
  • Data analysis
Control Services on Site:
  • Steam generators and heat exchangers
  • Primary and secondary circuits in NPPs
  • Know-how of all NDT technics and mastering of televisual inspections
Electrical maintenance:
  • Low and high voltage
  • Temporary cabling during unit overhauls
Instrumentation maintenance:
  • RIC and RGL refurbishment: C&S of neutronic Incore instrumentation
  • Valves and instruments
Other maintenances:
  • Access controls and physical protections
  • Annual outages maintenance
  • Post-operation and decommissioning